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Ancient Anguish Hunting Song

I was looking for something on the board archives when I found a post I made many years ago on the Poetry board. I thought I'd share it again. It a spoof of Tom Lehrer's The Hunting Song. I hope you enjoy!

I always will remember,
'Twas a year ago November,
I went out to hunt some bunny
On a mornin' bright and sunny.
I went and crushed the maximum the game laws would allow,
Two wizards, seven Scythers, and a cow.

I was in no mood to laugh,
I took down my trusty staff
And went out to stalk my prey.
What a haul I made that day.
I put them into my pack, and I consecrated them somehow,
Two wizards, seven Scythers, and a cow.

The law was filled with anger
Took away my player,
The worst punishment I ever endured.
It turned out there was a reason,
Scythers were out of season,
And one of the wizards wasn't insured.

People ask me how I do it,
And I say, "There's nothin' to it,
You just stand there and mill,
And when something moves, you kill!"
And there's ten stuffed heads in chaos vaults right now,
Two wizards, seven Scythers, and a bony-looking black and white splotched
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