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Just for fun

A friend and I got chatting about AA stuff :)

*~ ZuLeika ~* says: watch out for pink elephants
<****> says: I have one
*~ ZuLeika ~* says: *sniff* I want one
<*****> says: I searched and searched on eBay for months
*~ ZuLeika ~* says: I think AA should market them for cash to help keep the MUD running
<*****> says: seriously
*~ ZuLeika ~* says: I wonder if people would buy them
<*****> says: everybody wants one
*~ ZuLeika ~* says: maybe I should put that on a suggestion board *giggle*
<*****> says:

So how many people would buy a cuddly pink elephant *giggle*???
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Hells no. I suggested that years ago. I was gonna make 'em and donate the money the money to AA.

Another suggestion I had was to make them and give them to donators.. kind of an incentive other than AA toys.

If I still played, I would definitely buy one. What am I saying? I'd buy one anyways. Pink elephants are cute!
I think it's a great idea.
A friend of mine made me one back in 93. It hasn't gotten much use. There are patterns you can buy at fabric shops.
Don't worry about Anguish's finances, they're doing ok.