lady_firesong (lady_firesong) wrote in ancient_anguish,

Back after so long...

Well I used to play a long time ago and I am attempting to get back into the swing of things.
I think I started in 94 or 95. I can't remember anymore.
You may remember me as Firesong, Nyara, Moonsong, Orckestra, Shiris, Dawnsfire, Neosgold and a host of others that I've forgotten.
You may remember my brother from then as well, Armand, Gorethrakma (I think I spelled that right) Abbadon, and many many many more. He had to write a list to keep them all straight. And any that want to give a shout-out to him just lemme know and I'll pass the word.
Hopefully you all will be seeing me around as soon as I can get a client that's not the crappy standard that's installed on the comp atm.

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