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I'm Going To Do It..

So, I have decided that I am going to request to come back to AA. Last time I kept e-mailing Malire, but never got an answer back. Even if it was a "hell no" I wouldn't have minded, but to at least know. So, I thought I would email Malire my letter, but I think I would like to send it to a few others, but I am not sure who. I know I was pretty good associates with Pris, but I don't know if emailing Senators would help. However, I don't know if they or Malire is the final say. I also don't want to risk logging on AA just to get my IP blocked.

Any suggestions?
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I'm not sure. I'd say email a few others, but I really haven't known anyone that has been let back on...

What did you do?
Well.. long story and really too personal to get into. I took personal matters too far. I take complete responsibility for what I did, but I don't truly regret it because I don't believe in regretting something that you learned from. For those I hurt, I have already apologizes and reconciled with them, and we have all moved on. Some lessons are learned the hard way, and unfortunately, AA was a way for me to be free and to have fun. I just want that back since really no game compares to AA.
god, I hope you're not let back on.
Hee hee. Thanks for that encouragement, Malire. After all, you are the one who decided to let me on or not. :oP
I say go for it.

You were one of the people on AA that kept me wanting to stay there.
Aw, thanks. :oP But, I was talking to a few others from AA about it, and they said I most likely have a snowball's chance in hell. Then again, it doesn't hurt to ask.

I just want to Wiz, which I heard is a little harder now, so that I can code some areas. I coded on another MUD awhile back. Then again, I would most likely have to go with my standard Chaos Mage if I come back. So, I might ask for a sponsor. ;oP
I don't know you, and without knowing something about what happened, I can't form an opinion as to whether you should be allowed back on based on your actions. However, I can see that your spelling leaves quite a bit to be desired, and based on that alone, I'd rather not see you in the game. Toodles.
We all can't be english majors, now can we?
Who was your character and what did you do?
Well, my main characters were Mystique and Ungoddess, then Kaltes (and I forget the name in the middle). What I did was get revenage on an ex-boyfriend who called me a murder through shouts because I got an abortion, then the last was because someone was cheating with me on his girlfriend and I told her.

Sorry if that was too blunt, but there is no reason to sugar coat the truth. I'll admit the "revenage" was bittersweet and I deserved to be punished, but law told me that since he was calling me by my real name and not my character name, that it wasn't a direct violation of our "no contact" order. :o/ As for the latter, I thought she deserved to know the truth (since I didn't know they were together still). Since then, I have resolved all the issues with the people involved.
I really hate it when people bring rl issues onto the game. It's a fucking game, geez. Prime example ... a few years back, my now-husband was living with someone else. She suspected that he was cheating on her with me (however that works, we were living in seperate countries). One night, he told her he was leaving her to move back home (several states away). She freaks out, logs on to AA and sui'ed all of her characters. Yeah, that accomplished a lot, oh ow. :P

Anyway, no it wasn't too blunt. You didn't really say what you did to get revenge on your ex for the shouts (I personally would have gone to his house and beat him senseless, but that's just me) but the whole someone was cheating with me on his girlfriend and I told her is a lame reason to ban someone.
Yeah, I was one of those infamous people who used AA to escape my real life, but found my real life becoming blurred in the AA world. It was a harsh reality when I got banished and pretty much everyone stopped talking to me especially people who I thought were my friends. Simply put, once you leave the game you pretty much lose your friends on the game because they aren't wanting to talk on AIM and when they do it's about AA. I have learned to separate real life from the game(s) I played, but you do weird things when you think you are in love.

As for my revenage.. it was pretty vicious. I posted on the flame board (since he would shout and post on the flame boards about me) a message directly aimed towards him saying, "Happy Father's Day" on father's day. It was very cruel and heartless, but so was intentionally getting me pregnant to keep me.

They tried saying that I maliciously intended to hurt someone (the girl) in order to get revenage on the guy. That wasn't my intent, but considering my vendictive past... They thought otherwise.
once you leave the game you pretty much lose your friends on the game because they aren't wanting to talk on AIM and when they do it's about AA

I wholeheartedly agree with that, after leaving for 5+ years.
I've never seen this post before.. though I have been looking for you. If you want on AA and think I could help in anyway.. I'd be happy to vouch for ya. *shrugs* don't know if you're still trying to get on or not.
I am a little shocked that you have been looking for me considering, but I am glad you are doing ok. I talked to you know who to make amends about the whole situation, but I really didn't have the chance to do the same for you.

I REALLY appreciate you vouching for me, but I haven't asked for permission yet. I just haven't built up the courage to do it. But, you are giving me some hope that I could be allowed back so maybe I will write up my letter and try to ask for permission. I just don't know who to contact and how exactly? Should I mail Malire at the or sign on as a guest and talk to Malire directly? Malire is definitely going to take a lot of convincing I think.

I'm not quite sure how to approach Malire... But I have a couple ideas.. I just don't want to talk about them on here...

So... if you have yahoo or msn ( annnd/ooor tarcrett (yahoo)) that'd be super cool? I could than write a letter for what you need specifically I don't know all that was said and done to get you off there to see how we can fix it :)